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Vararalakshmi Vratam or VaraLaxmi Puja or Varmahalakshmi Vratham, is an important pooja observed in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and some places of Maharashtra and Orissa. 

Varlakshmi Viratham 2010 or Var Mahalaxmi puja 2010 date is August 20. VarLaxmi Vratam is observed on 2nd Friday during the Shravana masam

Because of any reasons, one who could not able to perform the Vratha on second Friday can observe the Var Laxmi Vrata on any Friday in Shravan maas. Whoever missed to perform the Varalakshmi vrata on August 20, can perform Varlaxmi Vrata on August 27 or September 3 in 2010.

Significance and Importance of Varalakshmi Vratam – Vara Laxmi Vratha Mahatmya:

Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. Worshipping Goddess Laxmi during Shravan month is highly auspicious because the whole month is dedicated to the divine couple, Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi. Friday is the most auspicious day for Laxmi Devi. Hence, worshipping Lakshmi Devi on Shravan Shukravar is highly meritorious.

Ashtalakshmi showers their blessings on Vara Laxmi Vratha performers:

As the eight forces of the world, known as Ashta Lakshmi – primeval force (Aadi Laxmi), wealth (Dhana Lakshmi), courage (Dhairya Laxmi or Veera Lakshmi), wisdom (Vidhya Laksmi), Children or family development (Santana Laxmi), success (Viajaya Lakshmi), food (Dhanya Laxmi) and strength (Gaja Lakshmi) are dedicated to Goddess Laksmi. 

Puranas described that observing Vara Laksmi Vratham would bless a woman with all eight energies for life.

Legend or Story of Vara Laxmi Vratram is explained here. Vara Laxmi Vrata is observed on the Friday which comes before Shravan Purnima during Shravan month. 

Charumathi, a Brahmin woman lived in a town, Kundina. She was very humble and kind in her nature. She was very much devoted to her husband and family.

One night, Goddess Laxmi appeared in her dream and told her to worship Vara Laxmi and seek her blessings. Goddess Laxmi also explained the Vrata procedure and the best day to observeVara Laxmi Vrata. Laxmi asked Charumathi to observe Varalaxmi Vrata on the Friday just before Shravan Purnima, the Full Moon day in Shravan Month.

Charumathi informed about the dream to his husband and family. She also told to her friends and the word spread throughout the town. On the Friday before Shravan Purnima, Charumathi along with her family, friends and the women of the town observe Vara Laxmi Vrata. They worshipped Vara Laxmi with utmost devotion and offered special recipes and fruits to please her.

Goddess Vara Laxmi appeared before them and granted boons to all of them. Their houses were filled with grains, diamonds, jewels and gold. They all lived happily in their rest of life. Since the time, women have begun observing Vara Laxmi Vrata every year on the specific Friday.

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Puja Vidhanam (in Telugu font) : HERE

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